Things to Consider When Choosing a Light for Esthetician Services

Things to Look for When Considering a Light for Esthetician Services

Proper lighting is crucial for estheticians to identify areas on the skin that need attention. As such, a good work light is one of your most important tools as an esthetician. Here are some things to consider when choosing your treatment room lighting. 

Customizable brightness.

A Light for Esthetician Services
As a skin specialist, you perform many treatments, from chemical peels to extractions, masques, and facial massages. Other services require additional lighting. For example, treating blackheads and tweezing stray hairs requires crisp, bright light whereas a jelly mask requires minimal light.
A light that offers customizable brightness will be something you use every day. Abrupt bright light disrupts client relaxation, use dimmer and gradual lighting to select the appropriate setting for the service.

Works with your space.

A Light for Esthetician Services
Lights come in all different shapes and sizes, as do your esthetician room setups. The size and layout of your treatment room should be considered when choosing the right light for your esthetician's room. Look for a light that won't take up too much space and allows flexibility. Tripods can be bulky, top-heavy, and flimsy. A flat base can provide stability and slide easily under your treatment bed. Bulky setups, such as ones with multiple lights, get in your way while working and present a tripping/falling hazard.

Content-Creation Compatible.

facial light
In a world driven by social media and online content, it's essential to document your services easily. More than a simple service menu is needed-- you have to show what your services entail to help customers understand what they are and how they can benefit from them. Before and afters are a staple of the industry for this reason. In addition to specific services, filmed content is a great way to allow others to see your business and what it can offer before they even step inside the door.
Many lighting solutions also offer attachments to record your work, but not all are created equal. Choosing an esthetician light with a phone holder requires you to understand how you plan to film your content. For some attachments, your phone is locked in place while in use. Others phone accessories allow you to pause, send a text, or reschedule an appointment while remaining in the same position without the hassle of readjusting or starting over. Some accessories and attachments are included with the purchase of your light, while others are an additional expense.


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Let's face it (pun intended). Your client will make their decision about the service they are about to receive based on many different factors, including how your esthetician room looks, how you present yourself, and what products you use. A beautiful light that elevates your space will ease your client and help them trust that you are a professional. They are less likely to feel that way with a flimsy dim light as they are about to have extractions done. When thinking about esthetician room ideas, choose a light that will tie your treatment room together in a beautiful presentation in which you are proud to work.

The presentation of your treatment room is important in attracting potential clients as well. You will want professional photos of your treatment room to use in marketing. Think about which light will elevate your space to attract more clients through the door.


A Light for Esthetician Services
This may not seem important for an esthetician light, and it may not be at first if you are just starting services. However, as your schedule fills and you use a light for longer hours, you will be glad to have chosen a lamp that generates little to no heat. Not only is it an uncomfortable experience for you to work under a hot light throughout the service, but it also is for clients who may already have blankets on them. The heat of a lamp can be enough to make either party break a sweat, make the room uncomfortably warm, or even cause some products to malfunction due to excessive temperature and humidity. LEDs are the clear winner here, as they are much less prone to heating up.

Energy efficient.

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In addition to temperature considerations, LEDs require significantly less energy than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Though they tend to cost more upfront, an energy-efficient light is more cost-effective when considering the savings you'll earn long-term. Not does less energy use mean a lower electricity bill for you, but costs related to maintenance of LEDs smaller as well as they typically have life spans many times longer than both incandescents and fluorescents and don't require replacing as often.
In addition to differences in cost-effectiveness, different types of bulbs also have varying environmental impacts. LEDs are considered the most environmentally friendly, as they don't contain mercury that can pollute the environment like fluorescents/ and have a much smaller carbon footprint than incandescents due to their energy efficiency.

Product Support and Warranties

In addition to the physical light, consider the kind of support you are guaranteed, warranties, and return policies. What kind of options or recourse comes with your purchase? Is the company reputable and responsive?
As an esthetician, you know the importance of choosing the right facial lamp. As a long term investment for your business, choose the light that makes the most sense for you and offers what you need for your treatment area. There are many factors to consider when setting up your esthetician room. Consider the one discussed here when making your decision, and you’ll be set up for success.