Green Delivery and Business Practices 🚚🌱

By optimizing delivery routes, reducing transportation inefficiencies, and adopting eco-friendly practices, CosmoGlo not only cares for the environment but also sets a commendable example for sustainable business practices that benefit both customers and the planet. CosmoGlo also helps customers experiencing natural disasters rebuild their businesses through providing donated or heavily discounted lights based on location and circumstance.  

Growing a Greener Tomorrow, One Tree at a Time 🌳🌍

Your purchase of CosmoGlo products with Route Package Protection contributes to this ongoing initiative. CosmoGlo and our customers have helped Route plant trees and remove countless metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere.Please check out Route's Sustainability page to read about their current initiatives! 
Route Package Insurance Sustainability

Beyond providing exceptional products, CosmoGlo is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and aiding customers experiencing losses due to natural disasters.

Please reach out to [email protected] if you're experiencing a natural disaster that affected your business or your CosmoGlo for more information.