Your CosmoGlo is a heavy, large piece of salon furniture — we recommend giving yourself plenty of time to assemble. :)
Try out different height adjustments, base positions, and halo angles to find the right positioning to suit your services and space.

Tips and Best Practices for Loving your New Light

Kit Contents: 1 set of CosmoGlo Parts, 2 Allen wrenches, and 3 base screws 

Not Included: You will also need one standard Phillips head or flat head screwdriver to finish tightening the pole connections. Bring one to work or borrow a neighbor’s!

Cords: You will want to gently straighten your cords, running your fingers down the wire to remove any kinks to help it feed through the poles easier. Do NOT apply pressure or step on the baseplate when building, adjusting, or moving your light. Stepping on base while adjusting height can damage your cord and your light may not work correctly.

Clamp: You will want to loosen your clamp before assembly. The clamp has a flap that can be used to help adjust the height of your light. Put the flap in the upwards position, raise it to the height you want, put the flap down and it will hold steady. To tighten or loosen the grip of your clamp, adjust using a Philips or flat head screwdriver. This screw is REVERSE THREADED, turning the screw to the LEFT will TIGHTEN your clamp, and turning the screw RIGHT will LOOSEN your clamp. Allow room for the cord to move freely when adjusting the height.

Position: The design’s physics works best when it’s positioned directly over the top of the base itself during services. Our patented Double-Swing design (side to side complete 360-degree movement plus complete 360-degree halo rotation) is designed so that you never have to move the height of your light after you’ve adjusted her during set up.
Your light arrived but isn’t right for your space?

All returns must be shipped in their original packaging to keep the light safe! Do not throw away your box until after you are beyond our 14-day return window and have decided to keep your light. Returning your light without the original box will require a box to be shipped to you at your expense to return your Cosmoglo. 💜🙏

Thank you again for launching with CosmoGlo!

Our launch phase allows for close attention to our product as we grow.
Should you run into any problems with assembly, use, or general website issues, please visit our Help Center or send us a message so we can assist you. 
With Love and Light,

The CosmoGlo Team 💡💜