Magazine Quality Content

Effortlessly capture your tattoos with perfect, crisp lighting to attract new clients. Showcase your skills and receive recognition from experts in the industry with marketable content.

Work More Efficiently

No more hunching over!
 Have better posture and the ability to sit up during tattoo sessions. CosmoGlo XL extends to nearly six feet tall, which means you'll do better, faster work - putting more profit in your pocket.

Trusted by Professionals

Start with the best tattoo light and you'll go further. Featured on the covers of prominent tattoo magazines, CosmoGlo is the top choice among the best tattoo artists.

Industrial Design


Minimalist in design, our American-made, flat steel base slides under or alongside your chair. Eliminate wires and bulky tripods in your tattoo parlor with space-saving, sturdy lighting for any tattoo appointment.


Artistry Meets Professionalism

CosmoGlo is the leader in tattoo lighting. Light up your canvas so you can perform like the professional you are. Build client trust with professional tattoo equipment - clients know they will be getting the best results under a CosmoGlo. Level up your tattoo studio with the most innovative light for tattoo artists. 

Shadowless Light Where You Need It

We invented the curved light design to provide full-coverage, shadowless light that will increase your effectiveness. See your tattoo ink under three tones: Cool, Daylight, and Warm. The tri-tone LEDs were designed to give you bright light without the heat, and minimize glarring with our custom diffuser shield. 

Easily glide your tattoo light into place and out when not in use. Two rotating joints on the light arm and halo rotate 360° giving you a full range of light over your canvas, making positioning effortless!

Phone Clip Attachment

Quality photos are crucial for catching the eye of editors and showcasing the details and beauty of your work to wider audiences. Good pictures and videos can help convey your style and aesthetic to followers on social media and help create a strong visual brand and an established, recognizable identity online. 

Our custom-designed phone clip was made to capture the best overhead footage with perfect lighting and consistent filming angles. Maintain easy access to your device with a simple clip-on and off feature. Flip the phone over and entertain your clients during long sessions by letting them watch their favorite show while getting tattooed.


Image Product
Factory Shipping Straight To Your Door
14 Day Returns


Stand out From the Competition

Attract clients and keep your books full by perfecting your before and after pictures with clear and well-lit content. Quality content will also make all the difference in whether or not an editor will choose to feature you in publications.

Efficiency equals profit. Extending to nearly six feet tall, CosmoGlo XL will allow you to do better work, faster, saving you time and energy. You will have better posture with overhead lighting.

Built to Last + 1 Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty Included

Made in America with USA-made steel, we believe in quality from start to finish. Our lights are painted with an industrial grade powder-coating finish to ensure your light will look new for years to come.

Every purchase includes a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty and a 14-day return window. Our manufacturing facility, headquarters, and customer support staff are all located in Texas. Contact us by email at or by direct message on Instagram @TheCosmoGloLight. Our team is in the office Monday - Friday from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm CST. We do our best to reply to every message as quickly as possible; please allow 24-72 hours for a reply. Our team will assist with all of your questions and needs.

Lighting that Makes Sense

Start with the best lighting in the industry and go further. Once you tattoo under a CosmoGlo light you'll never go back! Forget pesky hand shadows and poor posture - sit up under our tall, adjustable light for long session.  Using our overhead clip, create great content while you grow your skills with the perfect lighting for any artist, at any level.

With a 1 year warranty and a 14-day return window, you can take your tattoo business to the next level with peace of mind and lifetime access to our dedicated support staff. We can't wait to see what you create!


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See the CosmoGlo XL in Action!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of lighting is best for photographing tattoos? 
LEDs are best for tattooing and photographing tattoos. Look for a tattoo light that offers bright, crisp lighting that does not give off heat. The CosmoGlo was designed with you in mind with a diffused shield and multiple tone options for creating the best lighting above your works of art. 
What professional tattoo equipment do I need to start tattooing?
Whether you're a seasoned artist with an established tattoo parlor, or a beginner just learning how to tattoo, a great tattoo artist invests in the client's comfort with high-quality seating and LED lighting. Look for a space-saving, sturdy led light that can capture your content overhead, like the CosmoGlo light for tattoo artists.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! We offer Afterpay, 4 Pay by Paypal, and Shop Pay by Shopify. We believe every artist should have the best tattoo lighting equipment. We have easy and affordable options to improve your efficiency and put the profit back into your pockets.
What comes with my light?
Your CosmoGlo will come with a phone clip attachment for the light for overhead content creation, a 1 year manufacturing warranty, 14-day return policy, and every customer has lifelong access to our support team as part of the CosmoGlo Family! 


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