CosmoGlo Mini Ring Light Macro Lens (Free ship for USA)

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Take excellent before and after up close photos for your page with our 
CosmoGlo Mini Ring Light Macro Lens

Enhance your up-close detail photos with our mini ring light macro lens photography accessory combines the benefits of a macro lens with a ring light to provide even lighting.

Making it perfect for before and after photos. The ring light provides even illumination around the subject. As a result, it will reduce shadows and highlight details that might otherwise be missed. This can be especially useful when photographing small objects or capturing details in close-up shots.

Our macro lens is compact and lightweight to carry wherever you go! The CosmoGlo Mini Ring Light Macro lens is a rechargeable, lightweight, LED light-up macro lens that clips in place over the phone camera. The macro lens fits most smartphones. It can be used in multiple settings to photograph close-up images for content sharing. Available in Black and Pink.

    • Free Shipping (for the continental USA) 
    • Adjustable touch control settings in 3 color tones and 3 brightness levels.
    • Includes USB charging cable, two lens covers, cleaning cloth, and protective bag. 
    • Ships in 1-3 business days. Accessories ship separately from CosmoGlo Lights. 
    • For more information, CLICK HERE. Not made in the USA.