Why You Will Love CosmoGlo


Get the perfect photos of your client's nails for social media! Better quality photos = more clients! Clip your phone on or off the halo at a moment’s notice to take booking calls and messages, then resume filming without a break in content flow. 


Say goodbye to cluttered manicure stations, tabletop lights, and the hassle of clip-on lamps! With our full-coverage nail lighting, see your work with clarity and accuracy, ensuring that you can perform intricate nail art, cuticle care, and other services precisely.


Designed to be next to your manicure table so you have more room for nail supplies and your client. Simply slide the flat base underneath your nail salon table for a secure, out‑of‑the‑way experience.


Adjust the brightness of your light to any setting! Perfect for those times when the sun goes down or a storm pops up. We understand how important it is to be able to see your client's nails at ALL times.

See Your Favorite Nail Artists Using CosmoGlo Light


  • Im absolutely in love with my new light. I love that its so easy to move and adjust how i need it!

    Mirose Z. | Nail Artist

360° Halo Rotation

Achieve perfect visibility from every angle. Our patented curved design ensures that you can work with small details, such as nail gems, rhinestones, and intricate designs. Shadowless lighting ensures that no details are missed, resulting in high-quality nail art and designs. 

Phone Clip Attachment

Get the perfect overhead video view of your nail art and manicures before, during, and after appointments! Record your work to educate your clients about different nail treatments, nail care tips, and the latest nail trends.  

Double Pivot Arm

Effortlessly position the CosmoGlo during nail appointments. Simply glide the light in or out of place, giving you complete control of your nail lighting. This means you can focus on your artistry and provide exceptional nail services.  

Adjustable Height & Brightness

Completely adjustable in height and brightness, the CosmoGlo can be positioned perfectly whether you're performing pedicures, makeup applications, or other beauty treatments. This versatility allows you, as the nail technician, to offer additional services, expanding your client base. 

Space-Saving Base

Reduce the clutter! It's time to get your clean desk space back! Free up valuable tabletop space for essential nail tools and products. This can help keep your workstation organized and clutter-free.

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  • 30-Day Returns

  • 100% Secure Checkout

🌟 Elevate Your Nail Beauty Business

It’s time to upgrade your nail salon with the most modern lighting equipment available for professional nail technicians. CosmoGlo instantly elevates your nail salon and takes it to the next level, allowing you to charge more for your nail sets because it adds to the experience your client receives.

🛡️ Built to Last + 1 Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty Included

Made in America with USA-made steel, we believe in quality from start to finish. Our lights are painted with an industrial grade powder-coating finish to ensure your light will look new for years to come. Every purchase includes a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty and a 14-day return window. Our manufacturing facility, headquarters, and customer support staff are all located in Texas. Contact us by email at [email protected] or by direct message on Instagram @TheCosmoGloLight. Our team is in the office Monday - Friday from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm CST. We do our best to reply to every message as quickly as possible; please allow 24-72 hours for a reply. Our team will assist with all of your questions and needs.

nail artist

Felicia S.

"It didn’t actually take that long to be delivered even though they made the expectation there could be delays I was quite please with how fast it came. It’s so bright it’s absolutely perfect for salon use. I do nails, pedicures, and lashes and it’s so bright you can see everything! I love this and highly recommend it."

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How is this light better than a ring light? 

The CosmoGlo light is designed to be next to your table so you have more room for supplies and client connections. Simply slide the flat base underneath the table for a secure, out‑of‑the‑way experience.

Does this light give off heat?

No, the light does not give off heat. The CosmoGlo halo has a breathable shield that covers the LEDs. This allows heat, steam, and moisture to escape without getting trapped inside, making CosmoGlo the best choice for longer-lasting lighting.

Does the XL or the Original work better for nails?

Both are great for nails! The Original is best to use while seated, while XL is better suited to standing or taller beds. If you provide additional services that require lighting from higher up, the XL may be better as it offers additional height.