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CosmoGlo Uses

CosmoGlo for Lash artists

CosmoGlo was designed by a lash artist to help see every lash with crisp LEDs, a smooth rotating halo to eliminate pesky shadows, and a gliding light arm to keep clients comfortable while reducing clutter in the workspace.


CosmoGlo for Tattoo Artists

CosmoGlo was designed with the artist in mind. With customizable height and brightness, CosmoGlo can fit almost any service or setting.


CosmoGlo for Nail Artists

CosmoGlo provides a flat base to slide under your table for an out-of-the-way experience. Not to mention, full coverage lighting so you can finally see every detail of your art!


CosmoGlo for Permanent Makeup

As permanent makeup artists, we understand how important it is to get consistent color across client lips, and our curved LED lamp makes it easy!


Cosmoglo For Estheticians

CosmoGlo was designed with a frosted, breathable LED shield in order to remain steamer-friendly, as well as preventing heat or moisture from being trapped inside near the LEDs.


Cosmoglo for scalp-micropigmentation

CosmoGlo is here to provide the best for all scalp micropigmentation needs! Give yourself a zero-shadows experience with the first curved, adjustable arc light on the market!


Cosmoglo for Teeth Whitening

CosmoGlo was designed by an established beauty professional who understood the need for purposefully-built, sensible lighting that delivers a luxury look with unrivaled functionality.


CosmoGlo for Medical Aesthetics & Dermatology

CosmoGlo’s smooth halo rotation ensures the light can be easily aimed to where you need it to provide you with full coverage lighting, without the heat, and while eliminating shadows.


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