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Top 10 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Centuries ago, people first practiced the art of tattooing, which has come a long way since then. At present, tattoos have infiltrated every aspect of our culture, from television shows to the runway. Their popularity only continues to grow day by day. As the demand for tattoos increases, more artists are posting more content on social media.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 tattoo artists on Instagram to follow. Drawing inspiration from the original traditions of tattooing, they have each cultivated their own unique style. Check out their work to see for yourself how they're changing the face of tattooing one piece at a time!


1. Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva Tattoo Work - Top 10 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Daniel Silva, a renowned celebrity tattoo artist from LA, is a master of his art. His work has made him a household name as a celebrity tattoo artist. Daniel's tattoo designs combine black and grey realism, geometric shapes, and animal imagery, creating breathtaking artwork.

Daniel showcased his skill on Ink Master, a popular tattoo competition series, in its 10th season. During the show his exceptional work under pressure displayed his ability to create stunning tattoos.

But Daniel's passion for tattooing doesn't stop with his own work. He shares his knowledge through Tattoo University, where he offers a master class to aspiring tattoo artists. This platform provides aspiring tattoo artists with the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Through his class students are able to take their skills to the next level through online education.

Moreover, Daniel's popular YouTube channel offers valuable insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his tattooing work as well. So, no matter your skill level, any tattoo artist is sure to gain valuable insight and inspiration from his work!


2.  Evin Pfaff

Evin Pfaff on Instagram - Top 10 Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Next on our list is Evin Pfaff. Based in Bedford, PA, Evin is an exceptionally talented tattoo artist who has gained a significant following on Instagram.

Evin is known for her Neo-Traditional style and unconventional use of color in her pieces, combining bright hues and more somber shades to stunning effectThis Art-Nouveau inspired style is highly sought after and her portfolio showcases exceptional talent and attention to detail.

She’s the owner of Clockwork Tattoo Studio located in historic downtown Bedford, Pennsylvania. Evin's studio offers exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring clients enjoy a comfortable experience with pride.


3. Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson is the mastermind behind Tainted Tattoo in Bradford, England, which has become synonymous with exceptional artistry in an atmosphere of playful ambiance. She has created a space that exudes creativity and vibrancy where her clients feel relaxed and inspired during sessions.

In addition, Rebecca shares her expertise with others in her course, "Rebecca Tattoo Masterclass." Whether it's a delicate and intricate design or a clean minimalist piece, she has an uncanny ability to bring her clients' ideas to life. Rebecca's passion for her art is evident in each stroke of her needle. Clients trust that they will leave her studio with a piece of art reflection of their unique personality and style.


4. Tony Medellin

Tony Medillin Ink Master Winner

Tony Medellin is a widely celebrated tattoo artist from Reno, Nevada. Notably, he gained nationwide recognition after winning the coveted title of Ink Master during the show's eleventh season. In addition, Tony is widely celebrated for his exceptional skills in creating tattoos influenced by traditional style that are both visually stunning and rich in cultural significance.

Tony understands the importance of sticking to tried-and-true tattooing techniques while also infusing his own ideas into every piece. Moreover, his ability to seamlessly blend traditional designs, Japanese motifs, and modern elements has earned him a devoted following among tattoo enthusiasts.

Tony's passion for tattooing extends beyond simply creating beautiful art. In fact, he sees his work as a way to honor the rich cultural heritage of his Hispanic roots. Therefore, he takes great care to ensure that every piece he creates is imbued with deep cultural meaning and significance.

Whether you're into bold and vibrant traditional-style tattoos or more intricate and detailed designs, Tony's work is sure to provide endless inspiration.


5. Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre

Megan Massacre is a highly acclaimed artist with a knack for tattoo realism in both color and black and gray palettes. Beautiful shading and rich color work create a sense of depth and energy that makes each piece come to life.

Her work has been featured in many popular television shows, including NY Ink, America's Worst Tattoos, and Bond Ink. Megan's unique style and approach haveestablished her as an authority in the world of tattooing.

Furthermore, in addition to creating art, Megan helps other tattoo artists improve and succeed through her online course. Her expertise and knowledge make this an invaluable resource for aspiring tattoo artists wanting to develop their skills.

Wherther you're a new artist learning about tattooing, or are looking for inspiration, following Megan is definitely worth it!


6. Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith is an incredibly talented tattoo artist based in New Jersey, known for her micro tattoos worked with a single needle

Her fine-line tattooing style has earned her widespread recognition. She has a loyal following of tattoo enthusiasts and art lovers as a result. Her work has appeared in Refinery29, Bustle, Byrdie, Authority Magazine, and more. 

Sydney prioritizes quality and professionalism, collaborating with clients to create unique, artistic tattoos. Most importantly, she values individual needs and preferences. So be sure to check out her work on Instagram to see some of her work firsthand!


7. Jose Guijosa

Jose Guijosa - Top 10 Tattoo Artists

Jose Guijosa is a self-taught tattoo artist based in California who has made a name for himself in industry with his exceptional skills in grey and black realism. As the owner of Killer Tattoos, he has built a solid reputation for his attention to detail and in-depth artistic expertise.

Guijosa has been featured in the Los Angeles Times for his remarkable memorial Kobe Bryant tattoos, which have received high praise for their lifelike portrayal of the late basketball legend.

However, what really sets Guijosa apart from other tattoo artists is his unwavering commitment to his craft - he spends countless hours perfecting his techniques and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. His dedication paid off, as he has become one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in California!

Whether you're looking for a tattoo artist who can bring your vision to life with stunning realism, or you're an artist yourself wanting fresh inspiration, look no further than Jose Guijosa! With his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to his craft, you can trust that he creates masterpieces whose owners will be proud to wear for a lifetime.


8. Trip Lopez

Trip Lopez - Top 10 Tattoo Artists

Trip Lopez is a talented tattoo artist who specializes in black and grey realism tattoos. He is the owner of The Black Lantern, a popular tattoo shop in Dana Point, California.

In addition, he is known for his exceptional ability to tailor these stunning tattoos to his client's unique vision. Lopez perfects his craft, constantly learning new techniques and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends through years of experience. His dedication is evident, as he has become one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the country.

Lopez's talent and expertise can create a small or large, intricate tattoo masterpiece that you'll love to wear and show off. With his remarkable skills and commitment to his clients, it's no wonder that he has earned a valuable reputation as one of the best tattoo artists in the business.


9. Josh Duffy

Josh Duffy

Josh Duffy is a highly talented tattoo artist and the owner of Black Castle Art Co., a highly sought after tattoo shop located in Peoria, Arizona. Notably, artistry runs in Duffy's family, and he has always had a passion for creating and showcasing art. Furthermore, his skills as a tattoo artist quickly garnered attention in the industry, and soon became known for his undeniable talents in black and grey realism.

On his Instagram, you can find his latest pieces, usually large, full-sleeve, torso, and back tattoos. Grimacing skulls, tentacles, and somber-eyed portraits in flawless realism are motifs that characterize the majority of his art. Today, he is considered one of the best artists in the industry, and his work can be seen on clients from all over the world.

So, if you're looking for a tattoo inspiration for large pieces with realistic imagery, Josh Duffy is an artist you won't want to miss!


10. Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado

Reminiscent of painted canvases, portraits of pop culture icons and film characters adorn those lucky enough to own a tattoo done by of Nikko Hurtado. Each rendered in vibrant color, these tattoos are truly next level!

As a result, Hurtado's has been featured on several popular TV shows such as LA Ink, Tattoo Wars, Tori & Dean, and Spike TV’s Ink Master.

However, in 2017, Hurtado took his love for tattooing to the next level by opening up his own studio called Black Anchor Los Angeles. Located on Melrose Avenue, the studio has quickly become a hotspot for anyone looking to get a stunning new tattoo.

Nikko's sought-after status as a tattoo artist comes as no surprise after seeing his impressive work on Instagram. Whether you're a celebrity or just a regular person looking for a great tattoo, you can't go wrong with choosing Nikko Hurtado!


Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest in the Tattoo Industry: Follow These Trusted Sources on Instagram and Check Out Tattoo Industry Magazine

Thank you for taking the time to read about our favorite tattooists! We hope you found it informative and inspiring. However, our list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to talented tattoo artists in the industry. Up-and-coming tattooists are pushing creative boundaries and producing awe-inspiring work, with countless artists out there.

If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the tattoo industry, we highly recommend following Ink Junkeyz on Instagram. As a trusted source for tattoo-related information, they showcase artists and provide articles on the latest techniques and technologies.

In addition, we also recommend checking out Tattoo Industry Magazine. This publication is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay informed about the world of tattooing. Subscribe to their website newsletter for monthly updates on new artists in the industry, including highlights of their best work. The magazine-style collection is full-color and contains detailed information about each artist, giving you an inside look into their unique approach to tattooing.