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cosmoglo user manual instructions


Congrats on your purchase!

Your light is a sturdy, large piece of salon furniture which requires assembly. We recommend giving yourself plenty of time to set up and try out different heights, base positions, and halo angles to find the right positioning to suit your services and space.  

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CosmoGlo Original Assembly Video

CosmoGlo XL Assembly Video

Welcome to the CosmoGlo Family!

Congratulations on your new CosmoGlo light purchase.
We're dedicated to providing you with quality products and services.
Below are the details of the 1-year limited warranty and support options available.

For additional coverage, we offer CosmoGlo Protection with a monthly subscription or yearly one time purchase option.


CosmoGlo XL Light Bundle + Phone Clip. The best light for tattoo artists, lash artists, estheticians. and beauty services.

Assembly Setup Tips 💡

Kit Contents: 1 set of CosmoGlo Parts, 2 Allen wrenches, 3 base screws, 1 phone clip with bands, and 1 powerbox. 

Not Included: You may also need one standard flathead or phillips screwdriver to finish tightening the pole connections, depending on the style of clamp your light uses. 

  • Please watch the video during assembly. We advise laying your light down while assembling and following the steps that we provide in the video. 
  • Loosen the clamp first to prevent scratching. Note: we have 2 different clamp styles - read our Clamp FAQ to learn more. 
  • Secure your halo when attaching to the base plate to prevent it from swinging around freely. 
  • We are not responsible for damage caused to your light during assembly as per our warranty policy.

  • Halo

  • Clamp

  • Phone Clip

  • Base

  • Power Box

We love our 360-turning halo and want you to love it too.

Rotate in both directions, rather than repeatedly in the same direction. Damages done to cords from turning the halo in only one direction multiple times will not be covered under the warranty.

The clamp has a turn knob for tightening, and is secured to your poles with one normal Phillips style screw.  Please submit a request to Support if you are having issues with your clamp. 

How to Adjust your Clamp
How to Reset/Reattach your Clamp to Poleset

Simple + minimalist in design, the included rubber bands are designed to hold the phone onto the clip for safety.  Our media clip was made to give you a consistent angle while still allowing you access to your phone with a simple clip-on/off method. 

See multiple uses for the phone clip including how to use it as a tv for aftercare videos.

You have 4 rubber feet on the bottom of the base. These are very important for the function of the cord.

Your cord uses the gap of the rubber feet to allow the cord to reset. If this is taken away your cord may twist itself without the relief of being able to unwind and can cause damage. Please take caution to avoid cord tension by placing anything heavy on the base such as a table or bed. 

Be sure all connections are fully inserted.  Use only the power box that came with your CosmoGlo Light.  If you have any issues with the power box, please contact us for troubleshooting and replacement options.  Please follow our guide on How to reset your powerbox before submitting a support request. 


You will want to gently straighten your cords, running your fingers down the wire to remove any kinks to help it feed through the poles easier. The small black clip on your cord is called a ferrite clip, and is meant to help keep your cords in place during use inside the light. 

Avoid stepping on the baseplate when building, adjusting, or moving your light. Stepping on the base or applying extra pressure to it while adjusting height could accidentally damage your cord and your light may not work correctly.


The design’s physics works best when it’s positioned directly over the top of the base itself during services.  Our patented double pivot design (side to side complete 360-degree movement plus complete 360-degree halo rotation) was designed so that you never have to move the height of your light after you’ve adjusted it during set up. 

If you want suggestions for your setup, please Submit a Support Request for tips and personalized recommendations. 

CosmoGlo Original Light Bundle + Phone Clip -lash extension light. cosmoglo lamp. lampara phone holder.

Returns & Policies

Our goal is that everyone will find love at first light! With the wide range of industries we serve, we understand that it may not be a perfect match every time.