NAIL PRO: The Art and Business of Nails - The CosmoGlo

NAIL PRO: The Art and Business of Nails

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Nail Pro: The Art and Business of Nails

CosmoGlo, a startup company, develops lighting products for service professionals in the field of aesthetics.

CosmoGlo Light

NAIL PRO: The Art and Business of Nails

The CosmoGlo and CosmoGlo XL are both highly versatile products that allow for customized lighting in terms of brightness and height. They are designed to offer shadow-less lighting coverage through a rotatable halo and a flat, stable base, making them ideal for estheticians and beauty professionals. The products also come equipped with a media clip that allows for consistent filming angles and easy access during appointments. 

In addition to the Original CosmoGlo, the company has also released a new product, the CosmoGlo XL available in Black, White, and Gold. This product is larger and more advanced than the original, offering an additional 12 inches in height and tri-tone LEDs with dimmable lighting tones. It also features a larger flat base for increased stability, making it even more reliable for nail artists and other beauty professionals.

CosmoGlo has been making waves in the industry and was recently one of the sponsors for the Master Challenge at the Nailpro Nail Show 2022. This event took place from August 20-22, 2022 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. As a sponsor, CosmoGlo provided 17 lights for the competitions, showcasing the products' high level of functionality and reliability.

Whether you are a professional nail artist or a beauty enthusiast, CosmoGlo's products are a must-have for anyone looking for reliable, high-quality lighting solutions. With their customizable features, media clips, and stable bases, the CosmoGlo and CosmoGlo XL offer superior lighting capabilities that can help elevate your performance and take your beauty game to the next level.

For more information visit the official Nail Pro Website