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Perfect your lash artistry with the right lighting.

Simplify your work with full shadowless coverage, ensuring every lash application is performed with precision and care. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned eyelash expert, the right lighting is essential to achieving flawless results.

As a lash artist, investing in high-quality, durable equipment is vital. Lighting that enhances your ability to see even the blondest eyelashes can significantly elevate the efficiency and quality of your services. Reliable lighting helps you maintain a steady workflow, reduces eye strain, and allows you to focus on what you do best—making your clients' lashes look stunning.


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See Your Favorite Lash Artists Using CosmoGlo Light


Why You Will Love CosmoGlo

  • See Every Lash, Without Shadows 💡

    See every eyelash - even the blonde ones! Position your light once and never move it again with our 360-degree halo and double-pivot arm. Easily see the outer and corner lashes from ear to ear without having to adjust your light. This helps reduce strain on your eyes and neck, allowing you to work comfortably for longer periods.

  • No Heat + Dimmable LED Lighting 🔆

    Our shields feature a breathable design that prevents heat buildup. Enjoy over 8 hours of continuous use without the light OR yourself ever getting hot.  Seamlessly transition from a gentle glow to full brightness. The cool, crisp white LEDs are gentle on your client's eyes, ensuring CosmoGlo is the best eyelash extension light.

  • Stability + Durability 💪

    Gone are the days of stumbling over tripods! Designed with stability in mind, the equal weight distribution between the halo and base ensures maximum stability, plus a sleek flat base to hide under your treatment bed - adjust your light without worrying about it falling over! We are not like other ring lights, with the CosmoGlo Light, you can focus entirely on giving your clients amazing lashes without any worries about your lighting setup.


    Phone Clip for Content Creation 📲

    Work and record totally hands-free! One of the best benefits of our custom phone clip is the ability to have full phone functionality. Perfect for before and after photos of your lash extension work! Record yourself lashing with time lapse for easy content creation.

    Learn more about the phone clip

Created by a Lash Artist FOR Lash Artists

Mary Harcourt, founder and CEO, experienced firsthand the struggles of inadequate lighting in treatment rooms. Precision determined the quality of our work, yet all existing lighting options fell short. She knew there had to be a better way. She sketched out her vision on a napkin—a half-circle design with a rotatable top halo, delivering full-coverage, shadowless light.

  • "I ordered my CosmoGloLight before the year ended and just set it up a couple days ago. Can I say, I AM IN LOVEEEEEE! The light is perfect while doing eyelash extensions and more, it gets so bright & I love the shape as it covers all bases needed. The light is definitely worth the investment, you will have no regrets. The customer service is also just as great as the light itself. With all the love, it was definitively love at first light✨✨✨"

    - Vikkilynn C.
  • "This light is lash artists gift from the freaking heavens above! Nothing compares. You can see every lash with ease and it helps take amazing photos of your work. You will never ever catch me working without this puppy ever again!"

     - Laura G.
  • "So in love with our CosmoGlo lights for our lash studio! These are our favorite upgrade we have made to not only the functionality of our workspace but the look. Could not recommend this light or company enough! Xoxo"

    - Samantha D.
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Use our Mini Ring Light Macro Lens to capture stunning close-ups for your lash portfolio, Instagram feed, website, etc!


"The Macro lens is so impressive! I’ve been struggling to get good, clean closeups-and the struggle is over. I’ve had my cosmoglolight for almost three years and love, this was the perfect addition for quality photos!"

- Alexis P.

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How is this light better than a ring light?

Unlike tripods and ring lights that are lightweight and flimsy. Cosmoglo is a durable and sturdy piece of salon furniture. Adjust it without the fear of it falling over your client during your service.

Does this light give off heat?

No, the light does not give off heat. The CosmoGlo halo has a breathable shield that covers the LEDs. This allows heat to escape without getting trapped inside, making CosmoGlo the best choice for eyelash artists.

Does the XL or the Original work better for lashing?

Both are great for lashing! The Original is best to use while seated, while XL is better suited to standing or taller beds. lf you provide additional services such as PMU, tinting, or waxing, the XL may be better as it offers additional height and tri-tone LEDs.

Can I use it for my mobile services?

We do not recommend using CosmoGlo Light for mobile services. It’s designed to be a stable, sturdy light for a studio-type space. Each light weighs about 30 pounds and should be thought of as a piece of salon or business furniture.