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Enhance and elevate your workspace with our sleek, modern design. Effortlessly glide the arm and halo into place for unrivaled functionality tailored to your needs. Save space with our flat base, eliminating the need for bulky tripods or multiple lights.

At CosmoGlo, we prioritize durability and performance. That's why all our lights are proudly built in America and crafted from high-quality steel. We know the importance of getting it right the first time—especially in today’s economy, where making the right investment matters more than ever.

Upgrade Your Lighting and Outperform Your Competition with CosmoGlo

Before CosmoGlo

jose guisoja tattooing without cosmoglo xl

After CosmoGlo

jose guisoja tattooing with cosmoglo xl

Officially Welcoming Dark Cherry 🍒

This rich, deep red shade exclusively available in the CosmoGlo XL brings a fresh vibrancy and a touch of sophistication to our classic design. As we welcome this bold new color, we say goodbye to our previous classic red. 

Dark Cherry Red is not just a new color; it represents our commitment to continuously evolve and enhance our products to better meet your needs, preferences, and create an atmosphere of warmth and elegance. 🌟

Explore the charm and depth of Dark Cherry Red, and let your space shine with a new light! 💡

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cosmoglo phone clip
cosmoglo phone clip
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CosmoGlo Protection offers accidental coverage for your light, providing replacement parts with fast shipping for damages not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

More than just an extended warranty, it's your shield against the unexpected and a gateway to added perks.

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