The Best Lighting for Estheticians


Effortlessly capture your esthetic services to attract more clients. With our phone clip you can get the perfect angle every time!


Experience the best esthetician lighting, and easily see every hair and pore with our fully rotatable halo. 


The flat base effortlessly glides beneath your esthetician bed for space-saving, stable lighting.


Choose the correct amount of light for your esthetician service adjustable by a dimmer.

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CosmoGlo Features for Esthetician services

Phone Clip Attachment

Easy access to your phone and consistent filming angles. Attach a cloth and essential oils to the bottom of your clip for aromatherapy, or secure your phone to the underside to play a facial aftercare video for your clients. Capture an overhead video of you performing your esthetician services to attract more clients. Creative uses for the clip are endless!

360 Halo + Double Pivot

Our patented curved design ensures that you'll have shadowless, full-coverage lighting. The smooth halo rotation allows light to be positioned where you need it while working from the sides of your esthetician bed! Our patented double-pivot design makes it easy to position over clients as needed and glide away when not in use.


Designed with the master esthetician in mind! CosmoGlo has a breathable shield to allow heat and moisture to escape during appointments. 

Customizable Brightness

Find the perfect facial lighting for each service with an adjustable dimmer. Our LEDs are designed to be gentle on the eyes of your client.

Adjustable in Height

Easily adjust the height of your light as needed. In two models: CosmoGlo Original for massage-style treatment beds. CosmoGlo XL gives you an additional 10 inches to accommodate standing services and adjustable esthetician beds.


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"Perfect addition to my esti room. This lamp is sturdy and high quality. It’s a game changer for skin analysis during my client’s facials. It’s also amazing for creating marketing content."

Mariya S. 


Elevate Your Space

Elevate your space with luxury lighting that is both practical and functional. Trusted by professionals because it was created by one. CosmoGlo has changed the game in shadowless, full-coverage salon lighting. Let Cosmoglo help you perform like the master esthetician you are.


CosmoGlo instantly elevates your salon room and takes it to the next level, allowing you to charge more for your esthetician services because it adds to the experience your client receives when getting that facial service done.


Salon Lighting is so crucial whether it's dermaplaning, a jelly mask, chemical peel, or just a simple facial massage you need to be able to see the face brightly lit up. For those sessions where you want to give a relaxing environment, CosmoGlo is dimmable allowing your client to feel at ease during their facial services.


It's scary when you bump into your ring light and risk it falling over onto the client, it's not safe for your client, you, or your business. That's why CosmoGlo was designed with a sturdy sleek base so that it fits perfectly underneath your esthetician bed. - you no longer have to worry about it falling!


Good content is so important for your business, showing off your esthetician services plays a big factor in gaining that client that is on the edge of booking with you. Our social media phone clip makes filming your service the whole way through or take photos easy so that it takes that stress of wondering how you're going to get that good angle.


See what other estheticians are saying!

I love that I can turn it and adjust it wherever I need it! It also makes it so much fun and stress free to record and take photos during treatments! I absolutely love it!

Melissa T.


This light has the most even lighting I have ever found. It makes my job as an esthetician much easier now that I can see their entire face without moving my light around. I have tried Glamcor and ring lights and nothing compares to my Cosmoglo it’s simply the best! Highly recommend it for beauty professionals.

Arielle M.


I high recommend the Cosmoglo light! Before I had a black tripod ring light that was not very aesthetic looking and always created a shadow when taking before & afters, then I invested in this light and it’s perfect! I love the sleek design and the light provide equal lighting so no more shadows!

Shelby G.


I got the XL so I’d have flexibility with changing the temperature settings. I love the ambiance that this light gives in my treatment room! Totally leveled up the feel. My clients love it too!

Chelsea V.


What’s not to love?! The shape is perfection, and we no longer worry about shadows or different lighting in before and after photos. It’s super sleek and discreet so clients don’t feel like a camera is all up in their face during their relaxation time, and it’s amazing for letting our clients vibe out to a dark room with dreamy ambient lighting and music, while we have the professional Cosmoglo giving us pros the ability to see every single pore and villus hair for precision and accuracy.

Anne P.


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Take your esthetician lighting to the next level with the CosmoGlo! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this light better than a ring light?
Unlike tripods and ring lights that are lightweight and flimsy. Cosmoglo is a durable and sturdy piece of salon furniture. Adjust it without the fear of it falling over your client during your service.
As an esthetician that performs facials and waxing -  Does the light move easily to accommodate each service?
Yes. We recommend placing your light toward the middle of your esthetician's bed. This will allow you to position the light forward as needed for facial services, and position it above your client for the waxing treatment you are performing. The flat base and durable metal body will make it challenging if you need to move it completely out of the way for different esthetician services. The base is best to stay in place and move the top halo portion into position as needed.
Does this light give off heat?
No, the light does not give off heat. The CosmoGlo halo has an esthetician friendly breathable shield that covers the LEDs. This allows heat, steam, and moisture to escape without getting trapped inside, making CosmoGlo the best choice for longer-lasting esthetician lighting without giving off heat.
Would this work for back facials?
Yes. Our patented double-pivot design makes positioning over clients during esthetician services effortless! Easily glide your light into place and out when not in use. You may find that positioning your CosmoGlo towards the middle of your esthetician bed will give you the perfect coverage of lighting across your client's back during a back facial service. The included phone clip is an incredible tool for filming your back facials to create more content and attract more clients to your esthetician business.
As a facialist, is this light compatible with my mag lamp and steamer?
Yes. As universal spa equipment, the CosmGlo works well with other spa tools. Our adjustable height and double pivot design allow you to position the light around your esthetician bed, glide it into position as needed and easily glide out of the way when not in use. Many estheticians use their CosmoGlo with multiple machines, such as a maglight and steamer. The CosmoGlo XL extends higher to adapt to multiple services during a single appointment. It also features a specially designed breathable light shield to allow moisture to escape, protecting the longevity for the life of the product.