Ring Light vs Glamcor vs CosmoGlo, Which Should You Buy? - Vaude Lashes talking lights for lashes and estheticians

Ring Light vs GlamCor vs Cosmoglo, Which Should You Buy? - Vaude Lashes talking lights for lashes and estheticians.

Hi! Today we are comparing the top lights for lashes and estheticians, service-based workspaces.

We are comparing the traditional Ring Light, Glamcor, and the industry's newest innovation, the CosmoGlo. We will go over the benefits and drawbacks for each product to help you better decide which one is ideal for your current setup and budget. Everything is broken down in list form to the bare-basics and key info you need to know.

Additionally, I wanted to dedicate a portion of this video to a formal review of the NEW CosmoGlo Light - many of you have been wanting to know my honest thoughts. 

If you would like to watch a specific portion of the video, here are timestamps for each section when discussing lights for lashes and estheticians.

00:22 Intro

01:05 Lighting Breakdowns

01:20 Ring Light Pros & Cons

05:07 Glamcor Pros & Cons

08:19 CosmoGlo Pros & Cons

16:01 My CosmoGlo Light Review

17:56 CosmoGlo Batch Ordering Info

19:29 Lighting Comparisons (Photo & Video)

21:03 Final Words and wrap up


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When performing services, it is crucial to see clearly, perform efficiently, and deliver outstanding results to ensure that your clients return repeatedly. Let's compare a ring light, a dual-arm light, and a half-moon light for lash and esthetic services.

While we all recognize that lighting plays a pivotal role in our daily performance, selecting the appropriate light for your services can significantly enhance your day-to-day effectiveness.