Created by a Lash Artist FOR Lash Artists

Mary Harcourt, founder and CEO, experienced firsthand the struggles of inadequate lighting in treatment rooms. Precision determined the quality of our work, yet all existing lighting options fell short. She knew there had to be a better way. She sketched out her vision on a napkin—a half-circle design with a rotatable top halo, delivering full-coverage, shadowless light.

See Your Favorite Lash Artists Using CosmoGlo Light


Why You Will Love CosmoGlo

  • See Every Detail 🔍

    Easily see your client's beautiful lashes with our innovative ear-to-ear light coverage. The fully rotatable halo and patented, pivoting light arm gives you lighting exactly where you need it.

  • Dimmable Lighting 💡

    Our purpose-built dimmable switch is crafted to elevate the lash experience. Seamlessly transition from a gentle glow to full brightness. The cool, crisp white LEDs are gentle on your client's eyes, ensuring CosmoGlo is the best eyelash extension light.

  • Stability and Durability 💪

    Gone are the days of stumbling over tripods! The flat base effortlessly glides beneath your lash salon furniture, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing, space-saving lighting solution for your lash studio.

  • Content Creation 📲

    Work and record totally hands-free! One of the best benefits of our custom phone clip is the ability to have full phone functionality. Perfect for before and after photos of your lash extension work! Record yourself lashing with time lapse for easy content creation.

The Best Choice in Lighting for Beginner and Seasoned Lash Artists!

Designed with a 360-degree rotating halo that also glides over your lash bed! Never shuffle lights and tripods around the room again.


360° Halo Rotation

Our patented curved design ensures that you'll have shadowless, full-coverage lighting. You can finally see your client's eyelashes without having shadows. CosmoGlo is the only light you need. The smooth halo rotation ensures the light can be easily aimed where you need it.

Phone Clip Attachment

Capture your clients eyelashes with consistent filming angles. The CosmoGlo Light with phone holder features a super sleek, lightweight content clip. It takes less than 10 seconds to set up and features minimalist safety bands. Access your phone with a simple clip-on and-off feature, making creating content effortless.

Double Arm Pivot

The CosmoGlo light features a patented double-swing that allows you to glide the halo away and against the wall when not in use and swing it back over your lash client to perform eyelash extensions. Use two hands to rotate the halo 360 degrees to get perfect lighting at every angle, including the hard-to-lash inner and outer corners.

Adjustable Height & Brightness

Position the height to whatever best suits your space, clients, and lashing posture! Our dimmable light is magic for sensitive eyes. Start on the dim setting and gently increase brightness with our dimmable knob. Your clients will appreciate the gentle lighting, and you will enjoy the improved efficiency of seeing the eyelashes better.

Space-Saving Base

Minimalist in design with a discreet, flat base. Slide it under or alongside your eyelash bed for an out-of-the-way experience! It levels up your lash studio and professional image. Eliminating those visible wires and bulky tripods gives you and your guests plenty of room to enjoy all of the eyelash services you offer.

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How is this light better than a ring light?

Unlike tripods and ring lights that are lightweight and flimsy. Cosmoglo is a durable and sturdy piece of salon furniture. Adjust it without the fear of it falling over your client during your service.

Does this light give off heat?

No, the light does not give off heat. The CosmoGlo halo has a breathable shield that covers the LEDs. This allows heat to escape without getting trapped inside, making CosmoGlo the best choice for eyelash artists.

Does the XL or the Original work better for lashing?

Both are great for lashing! The Original is best to use while seated, while XL is better suited to standing or taller beds. lf you provide additional services such as PMU, tinting, or waxing, the XL may be better as it offers additional height and tri-tone LEDs.

Can I use it for my mobile services?

We do not recommend using CosmoGlo Light for mobile services. It’s designed to be a stable, sturdy light for a studio-type space. Each light weighs about 30 pounds and should be thought of as a piece of salon or business furniture.