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Essentials for a Lash Artist's Treatment Room

Mary Harcourt

A lash artist’s treatment room, often referred to as a lash studio, is the place where the magic happens. It’s not only where clients come for their treatments, but also where the artist spends countless hours meticulously crafting individual lash extensions. Therefore, it's essential to have a well-equipped, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing space. Here are some lash artists essentials for your lash treatment room.

The popularity of eyelash extension services has seen rapid growth over the past few years. More and more professionals are opting to specialize as lash artists, and more people are trying them, and loving them than ever before. Set yourself up for success by investing in these essential lash items.


1. Comfortable and Adjustable Client Bed

Comfort is paramount when it comes to eyelash extension services. The process is on the longer side and clients are welcome to catch a nap during their service. A cushioned client bed allows the client to lie down comfortably, while also allowing the artist to adjust the bed for optimal working conditions.

Covering your bed with a clean surface between each service is comforting for your client. Having the option to use a fresh blanket can help clients fully relax by keeping them warm and cozy. Be sure to have a few sheets and blankets in rotation so you can wash them in between appointments. Blankets and pillows are a great way to tie in your brand colors or help your lash room to flow with color. 


2. Good Quality Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a lash artist's treatment room. The CosmoGlo light provides even lighting from side to side and brightens your target focal area. The dimmable feature allows you to gently brighten the light on your client at the start of the service and slowly bring it back down at the end of the service. This helps avoid any light sensitivity, which can cause the eyes to water and affects lash extension retention.

CosmoGlo is the best choice in lighting for lash artists. It is  aesthetically pleasing for your treatment room. It doubles as an artistic room upgrade your clients are sure to compliment you on, as well as giving the lash artist a significant functional upgrade over other lighting options.

The founder of CosmoGlo was a lash artist and noticed how awful the available lighting options were for the fine detailed work a lash artist performs. Understanding the challenges she was facing, and knowing that she was not alone in the industry, she invented CosmoGlo to be the perfect lash light - and the industry agreed.


3. Sterilization Equipment

Hygiene should be a top priority in any lash treatment room. Sterilizers can be used for sanitizing tweezers and other reusable tools. Keep a waste bin nearby for safe disposal of used materials. Have alcohol available in a spray bottle, and use hand sanitizer before and during each client. Clients trust you when they feel as though you are a clean and safe lash tech who will ensure their safety and well-being are essential during services.


4. High-Quality Lash Supplies

You will need a well-stocked supply of a variety of lash lengths, thicknesses, and curls to cater to different client preferences. There are many options when it comes to adhesives. Play around and find the one that works for your speed of lashing and the humidity of your environment of your lash room.

You will want a stock of disposable items to use during your service. A general list would be eye pads for protecting your clients' bottom lashes, disposable mascara wands for brushing lashes, gentle tape for tricky lashes, a soft tip applicator for applying primer, and a tissue or 4x4 cotton square for creating a barrier between your client's forehead and your hands.

Some optional supplies: a lash fan for fanning away harsh chemicals at the end of the appointment, a hygrometer for measuring your humidity, a nano mister for curing adhesive, a mirror so your client can see the after-the-result, a lash tile for holding your lashes for easy application, and a glue ring for holding your adhesive close to the client for easy access.


5. Appropriate Storage

 Storage units that allow for the organized and clean storage of tools and products are a must. These could include drawers, cabinets, or wall-mounted shelves. You will build quite a library of lash trays and back up stock of disposable items required for each client, so having a place to store and keep them clean is important.

You may find that a rolling cart will keep your tools and supplies within reach while allowing for mobility around the client's bed if storage is not available close to your treatment table.


6. Comfortable Chair for the Lash Artist

As a lash artist, you'll be sitting for long periods, so invest in an ergonomic chair that supports proper posture and comfort. Being able to sit up during your appointment will save your back, help your efficiency, and is overall better for the long-term health of your back in preventing chronic back pain. You can also invest in raised pillows to keep posture during the service helps as well.


7. Client Amenities

Consider adding amenities for increased client comfort such as blankets, neck pillows, or playing music for creating a soothing background environment. Some lash artists offer complimentary beverages or snacks to enhance the client experience. You will want to have a nice restroom set up for comfort and provide a mirror in a well-lit area as customers will want to see the new lashes your applied to them.

If your space allows for a comfortable waiting area outside for your lash rooom you can allow clients to show up early and settle in with a snack and a refreshment before thier lash service. 


8. Lash Room Decor

The decor sets the ambiance of the treatment room. Choose a calming, neutral color palette with added touches of personal style that makes your clients feel welcome and relaxed. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration for how to decorate and lay out your space. Keeping the room cozy but clutter-free will put you and them at ease before, during, and after treatments.

In conclusion, setting up a professional, comfortable, and efficient lash treatment room with all the lash artist essentials requires careful consideration and planning. With the right equipment and design touches, you can ensure the bet results for your clients and enjoy a comfortable working environment for you as the artist each day. The ultimate goal is to create a space where artistry, comfort, and customer satisfaction meet so your clients feel welcome, enjoy their service, and continue to come back for repeated services, building your book of business and putting more profit in your pockets over time.