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Life With Sonia

Life With Sonia

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Mary Harcourt

Meet Mary Harcourt CEO of CosmoGlo

Meet Mary Harcourt, the CEO of CosmoGlo. Hello everyone, I hope you are well! In today’s post, I would like you to meet Mary Harcourt, Founder and CEO of CosmoGlo. CosmoGlo provides the best and most innovative light for aesthetic treatment room lighting. I was excited to hear from Mary regarding an interview and more about her exciting business.


Meet Mary Harcourt, CEO of CosmoGlo

Hello Mary, It Is A Pleasure To Interview You! Tell Me Something Important About Yourself.

Hi! I’m Mary, a licensed cosmetologist with a background in the beauty industry. I’m an avid traveller with 64+ countries visited, and I am a seeker of sunshine and an animal lover! I am also an inventor with a product I was able to patent in 27 countries. I love sharing my story to help inspire others to bring their ideas to life.

What Inspired You To Start Your Business?

I originally started my spa to make women feel more confident and beautiful through eyelash extensions and train students to do high-quality lashing work. That shifted in 2020 with Covid when my salon was closed due to state regulations. I now had the time and took the leap to make it happen – I invented a light for beauty professionals to use in the treatment room.

What Services Do Your Business Provide?

Modern-looking and adequate lighting for treatment rooms. A flat base ensures stability. A rotating halo allows you to see every angle without shadows. It’s made in the USA from heavy metal, and we like to consider it a piece of high-end salon furniture.  TheCosmoGlo.com

How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, I don’t think my mind ever turns off. I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve tools in the beauty industry. This allows me always to consider a few steps ahead of where we are now, which keeps me motivated to create and chase new concepts.

What Challenges Do You Face The Most?

At the moment, it’s dealing with supply chain and geopolitical events. We chose to manufacture in the USA and supply American workers with well-paid jobs. Keeping all parts in motion to deliver a high-quality item on a strict timeline has its challenges, and we are navigating them the best way we can.


How Do You Handle The Challenges Along With Family Life?

I think most things in life can be solved with a conversation. Talk things through. Without hearing the other person’s side, you can’t correctly assess the situation or take action. Sometimes it’s as simple as hearing how the other person feels. This can disarm you enough to think about the situation in a completely different light, and this is where real progress is made in business and family relationships.

What Do You Do For Self-Care?

I spent time walking the beach and breathing the fresh salty air. However, we recently traded the sunny shores of California for the green acres of Texas, and I couldn’t be happier. We are surrounded by so much love on our property. I love our land and animals so much, and we’ve formed the sweetest bonds with them all.

I Am Sure Some Aspiring Entrepreneurs Are Reading This. What Advice Would You Give Them?

Don’t ever give up! Be clear on your reason for doing something, your messaging, and your commitment to yourself to make it happen. Please don’t take advice from people who have been too scared to make it happen and absorb as much knowledge as possible from the people that did it.

Can You Advise The Audience On Supporting Each Other During The Global Pandemic?

Be kind. You never know what someone else is going through or dealing with. Please support them in any way you can and take care of yourself.  Life is a gift, and we have no idea how much time we have, so don’t be concerned with what others are doing. Focus on what you are doing and how you can leave the world a little better.

Last But Not Least, Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

I would be curious about how you got started with this project and what inspires you to keep going? What do you hope others will gain from your efforts?

My Response

Thank you for that question, Mary. I started these interviews during the pandemic, businesses were shutting down, and I saw small companies struggling. And I thought this would be a great way to support women in business and may inspire other women to finally start the business they have always wanted to do.

These interview has been very successful, and it has helped others learn how to stay strong during a difficult time in their business.

I want to say a Huge Thank you to Mary for this interview and wish her all the best.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Talk Soon!