CosmoGlo for Lash Artists

Lash Artists

CosmoGlo was designed by a lash artist to help see every lash with crisp LEDs, a smooth rotating halo to eliminate pesky shadows, and a gliding light arm to keep clients comfortable while reducing clutter in the workspace.


Lash Artists Problem Points

  1. 1. How long does it take for my order to ship?

    We keep our website updated on all of our current shipping timeframes. You must agree that you acknowledge and understand these times during purchase. 
  2. 2. Is there a wall or ceiling attachment or other types of bases?

    We do not offer any additional attachments or other bases. The CosmoGlo Light was designed with gravity and physics in mind for 360-degree movement of the lighted arc/halo and to gently glide away from clients. This is a heavier light and the flat base is what keeps the halo balanced.   
  3. 3. Will the phone clip fit my phone?  

    The phone clip is 4"x 3" and can hold most phone sizes.  
  4. 4. Can I use it for my mobile services?  

    We do not recommend using CosmoGlo Light for mobile services. It’s designed to be a stable, sturdy light for a studio-type space. Each light weighs about 30 pounds and should be thought of as a piece of salon or business furniture. 


Media Phone Clip

The sleek media clip offers consistent filming angles while maintaining quick access during appointments to all aspects of your device.

Double Pivot

Our patented light has a double pivot for effortless positioning over clients during appointments, and glides into place.

360 Rotation

The smooth halo rotation ensures the light can be easily aimed where you need it, giving shadowless, full coverage lighting without heat.

Customizable in Height and Brightness

Give shadowless lighting coverage with our rotatable halo and come with a flat, stable base.

Flat Base

Flat, stable base perfect for any chair, bed, and/or table.

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Taylor C.

Lash Artist
It looks so professional! It was easy to assemble. And it provides enough light to do my job effectively! And the customer service we received was one of the best experiences!

Laura G.

Lash Artist
This light is lash artists gift from the freaking heavens above! Nothing compares. You can see every lash with ease and it helps take amazing photos of your work. You will never ever catch me working without this puppy ever again!

Liz A.

Lash Artist
Loveeee the full coverage lightening on my CosmoGlo!! Helps not strain my eyes after a long day of lashing. Every Lash Artist needs this light in their life. I love that I get light from one side of the face, all the way to the other, and swivel movement is perfect and added bonus. Seriously everything about this light is perfect.