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The CosmoGlo

CosmoGlo Touch Up Paint

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    The CosmoGlo Light Bundle + phone clip is the ultimate lighting solution for any space!

    Sleek and modern in design, this powerful light emits a vibrant glow that adds a touch of sophistication to any professional treatment room.  Additionally, you can easily position the CosmoGlo Light bundle with phone clip to give you light where you need bright, shadowless coverage.  All models include a phone clip to capture your work with consistent angles and lighting. We build and ship directly from our American factory to your door. Your order is estimated to ship in about 1- 4 business days

    CosmoGlo Original + Phone Clip Bundle is available in  Black, White, and Silver.

    CosmoGlo XL + Phone Clip Bundle is available in   Black, White, and Gold.

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    To see our available shipping areas, click here. Additionally, if you need to purchase parts outside of warranty, submit a request here. We hold and actively enforce patents in 30+ countries for our CosmoGlo Light. If you have any questions,  email our support staff at Support@TheCosmoGlo.com

    CosmoGlo Protection

    We ship lights to you in 1 - 4 business days!

    To see our available shipping areas,click here.


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    Email our support staff at Support@TheCosmoGlo.com

    The CosmoGlo PAINT CosmoGlo Touch Up Paint
    The CosmoGlo PAINT CosmoGlo Touch Up Paint
    The CosmoGlo PAINT CosmoGlo Touch Up Paint
    CosmoGlo Touch Up Paint

    Original vs. XL


    How long does it take for my order to ship?

    We keep our website updated on all of our current shipping timeframes.  You must agree that you acknowledge and understand these times during purchase.

    Is there a wall or ceiling attachment or other types of bases? 

    We do not offer any additional attachments or other bases. The CosmoGlo Light was designed with gravity and physics in mind for 360-degree movement of the lighted arc/halo and to gently glide away from clients. This is a heavier light and the flat base is what keeps the halo balanced. 

    What kind of lighting does it give? Is it hot? Whats the brightness?

    The LEDs used in CosmoGlo Lights do not give off heat even while using the brightest settings. They offer a fully adjustable, crisp, cool white light ranging from very dim to very bright settings for services. Our XL models offer 3 tones; cool white, warm and day.

    The brightness ranges from approx. 4,000-10,000 lumens, or about 60-90 LED watts.

    What are the dimensions / weight of the CosmoGlo and CosmoGloXL?

    The original CosmoGlo adjustable height ranges between around 33 and 58 inches tall. The light is about 36 inches at its widest point from the edge of the pole to the edge of the halo. The base measures 23 by 10 inches and stands less than an inch tall. Each original CosmoGlo weighs around 28 pounds. 

    The CosmoGloXL adjustable height ranges between around 45 to 70 inches tall. The XL is also 36 inches at its widest point from the edge of the pole to the edge of the halo. The base measures 23.5 by 12.5 inches tall and stands less than an inch tall. Each CosmoGloXL weighs around  31 pounds. 

    For more questions visit the FAQ page.